22 2020

Anxiety in the Time of COVID 19

7:30PM - 8:30PM  

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COVID-19 has forced so much change in our lives. And we’re coping with it all the best we can. But it’s been over 3 months in lockdown now and there are so many of us who could use a little help with how we’re feeling.

Presented by The Luke Sklar Mental Health Initiative at Holy Blossom Temple, “Anxiety in The Time of COVID” is a ZOOM Webinar that’s perfect for anyone who’s experiencing extra stress, uneasiness and worry during these challenging days.



Moderated by our own Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers MSW, RSW, the webinar features 3 panellists, also members of our congregational family:

Doreen Saskin, MSW, RSW, expertise in anxiety, crisis management and resilience
Sandra Rotholc, Psychotherapist, RSW, Marriage and Family Therapist
Dr. Gregory Hamovitch, Psychologist


They’ll address questions like:

How can we learn to be more optimistic and hopeful about the future when there’s so much uncertainty?
What are some ways to ease anxiety and effectively cope while feeling so out of control and isolated?
How do we cope with having children/adolescents at home and the extra stress and parenting challenges?
How do we grieve the many losses due to the virus (health, jobs, feeling safe, seeing family/friends, pleasures of my old life)?
And more.


The goal? Hopefully, we’ll provide context, increased perspective, new insights and a deeper understanding of, and compassion for, our shared experience.

Luke Sklar was a much-loved leader of our Holy Blossom Community, whose openness with his depression and determination to bring greater awareness inspired the initiative that bears his name. The LSMHI provides education, support and resources related to the challenges of mental health.

Sponsor: Holy Blossom Temple

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