22 2020

Beth David Singles: Boomers Edition (50-69): Raise Your Vibe (cont.)

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

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Zoom call #32 - Sunday, Nov 22, 7 PM
Raise Your Vibe continued

What’s this spiritual 'stuff'? Known for eons (!!), Quantum Science has proven ALL of it! Our physical world (and healthy life) depends on it (our vibrancy is 100% our own choice: depression/anger are low energy, enthusiasm/optimism are high energy).

At your option, benefit right on the call (release your own current, light difficulty, or frustration.

After Zoom call #31 was so engaging: with an intro to what we know about 'vibrancy'/energy/frequencies/resonance ...and how each benefits us. Also: yoga, prayer, essential oils, Reiki, the Emotional Guidance Scale, the most listened-to radio station in the world (WII-FM), and the impact of applying different energy (to identical words).
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MAZAL TOV to our colleagues - publicly voted as ‘Best in Toronto’
Susan Barak: Best Music Instructor
Paul Litwack: Best Life Coach & Best Virtual Instruction/Training & Best Hypnosis & Best Bartender & Business that Gives to Community
Karen Shane: Best Career Training/Development
Bonnie Steinberg: Best Art School/Instruction

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