12 2020

Beth David Singles: Boomers Edition (50-69): Racism + AntiSemitism

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Contact Beth David Singles: Boomers Edition (50-69)
Online ZOOM call
4166335500 ext 52

Wow - who knew we had such relevant insight and resources within our group, including first-hand knowledge, plus personal family and colleague experience on multiple continents! Our lively, inspiring discussion would have surely continued past the 1 hour and 20 minutes mark (!), before a tech glitch ended our call. With that in mind, we're continuing the same topic next week.
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Will you join us Sunday evening (July 12, 2020 at 7pm)?

Let's continue to discuss our thoughts and ideas on how to better deal with both racism and antisemitism.

To request your 1-click call link, email: BethDavidSinglesBoomerEdition@gmail.com
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Recapping our previous 16 ZOOM calls:
If you were on our first 16 successful calls, you know we've covered so many relevant topics and experiences in just an hour: including relevant trends and travel stories, shopping strategies, jokes, sports, song and video clips, Netflix picks, our fav Pesach recipes and traditions; Getting to Know You; Two travel calls; Two fun sing-alongs; A give/get help call; A fun discussion on our first venture out after eased GTA Covid restrictions; And an inspiring and informative call on dealing with racism and antisemitism.

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Our focus is on providing great opportunities for good peeps to meet.
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Sponsor: Beth David Singles: Boomers Edition (50-69)

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