30 2020

Beth David Singles: Boomers Edition (50-69): Tradition- Tra-DISH-on!

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Contact Beth David Singles: Boomers Edition (50-69)
Online ZOOM call
4166335500 ext 52

Do join us Sunday, Aug 30, 2020 7 pm for Zoom call #24: Rosh Hashana Traditions

As our families sprout from all over the globe, let's share our customs/minhagim of the past (and how we'll be adapting them during COVID now). For example, If you have a shofar, do show it and maybe blow it for us. If you have a fav Yontiff recipe you like to eat/make, share it on the call - and in our Rosh Hashana Recipe Exchange.

For call-in details, email:
(tell us you saw this invite in the UJA Community Calendar ;-)

As we are now in the month approaching Rosh Hashana...
Shana Tova and K'Tivah V'Chatima Tova
(May we all be written and sealed for goodness).

Your Awesome Planning committee ;-)
Beth David Singles: Boomer Edition (50-69)
We help good peeps to meet good people here!

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Lots more fun programs in the works for you:
- - - - -- - -
Recipe exchange for Rosh Hashana
Book review/reading club
Scavenger Hunt #2
Learn to Watercolour
A Museum Visit

Our past successful events (sample): Games Nite; ROM visit; Cook with a Chef; 23 Zoom calls;* 2 Picque-niques in the Park; and our Passover Recipe Exchange

* Recap of our ZOOM calls:
- - - - -
Relevant local and global trends and travel stories
Shopping metziyahs/finds and strategies
Sports, jokes, song and Netflix/video picks
Our fav Pesach traditions and recipes (click for our first Pesach cookbook)
A 'Getting to Know You' call - to learn about the awesome people on the call
Two inspiring travel calls (we've been to some spectacular places, haven't we!)
Two engaging and fun sing-alongs (including SingSong Lyrics)
A give/get help call (we shared our expertise to help each other)
A fun discussion on our first venture out, after eased GTA COVID restrictions
Two inspiring and informative calls on dealing with Racism and Antisemitism
A fun online Scavenger Hunt (another one is in the works!)
We played Jewish Geography (wow - we do have lots in common, don't we!)
Planning for the High Holidays (we're planning a Rosh Hashana recipe book!)
Two fun, in-person picnics (following ALL COVID regulations and guidelines)
Hobby Lobby - We kvelled as 16 of us showed off our awesome hobby talents!
$Pitch Perfect$ - 15 people pitched their business/job readiness

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Sponsor: Beth David Singles: Boomers Edition (50-69)

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