31 2020

BethDavidSingles: BoomersEdition (50-69): Singalong with Covid

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

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Update: Send us your fav, yummy Shavuot Cheesecake recipe(s) before Tuesday and we'll do our best to share them.
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join us next Sunday evening (May 31, 2020 at 7 pm) Singalong with COVID ;-)

As we've learned and shared so much together, during Covid-19, we're ready for a singalong!
You tell us what songs you'd like, and any instrument you play, we'll have the lyrics ready and we'll yodel together (singing voice not required ;-)

Send your request for your 1-click Zoom call link to

Connect online, or call in via a local phone number. Nice!
And yes, do continue your private side chats with people on the call, that you'd like to connect with more (after the call).

Recapping ZOOM call #10: Open Mic/Potpourri
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As usual, time flew with such a varied range of engaging topics including: Israel's newest biblical protein bar (from locusts, and kosher - no joke!); Translation of a Russian song by our very own poet in residence: Dating advice was requested, with awesome, thoughtful responses; Case study: What would you do if you won $10 Million?; Teaching watercolours courses on Zoom; A poll: our fav chocolate (White/milk/dark and % cocoa) and memories of visiting the Hershey factories in Smith Falls, ON and Hershey, PA.

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Previously: If you were on our first ten successful calls, you know we covered so many relevant topics and experiences in just an hour: including relevant trends and travel stories, shopping strategies, jokes, sports, song and video clips, Netflix picks, our fav Pesach recipes and traditions. And most recently: Introducing ourselves: Getting to Know You, and our recent travel calls.

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And always welcome, do suggest any other topics of interest to GTA-based Jewish singles (50-69), like you.
Successful past events: Games Nite, ROM visit, Cook with a Chef

Feel free to forward this invite directly to everyone you believe would like to participate in our Beth David Singles: Boomer Edition (50-69) programs. And if you received this note from someone, please let us know, so we can thank them ;-)

As always, our focus is on providing great opportunities for good peeps to meet others. And as on our last calls, dozens of good people continue to meet good people!

Continued hatzlacha/success in all you/we are doing during this Covid-19 mishegas and looking forward to getting back soon, to in-person activities with you.

Your Awesome Planning committee ;-) ... join us!
Beth David Singles: Boomer Edition (50-69)
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PS Did you see/use any of our delicious Passover Recipes? (submitted by your Beth David Singles colleagues) - email us to view/download the cookbook (We're keeping it updated for you all year, as a handy Google Doc).

And with Shavuot next week, an idea: reply to this email with your fav yummy cheesecake recipe(s) and we'll try to get them to you before Shavuot.

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