16 2021

Sock Guys, Social Enterprise, Innovation: Pandemic Disability & Employment

7:00PM - 8:15PM  

Contact Elsa Beker
514-624-5005 x 6221

Join us in a cross-city Montreal/Toronto webinar where you will learn more about the impact of disability social enterprise employment for neurodiverse young adults, families & communities through a film screening of the award-winning documentary short Sock Guys. Following the screening, participate in a moderated panel discussion and Q&A with special guests including a young adult, proud parent, and community social enterprise professionals. An important community webinar not to be missed. Register today! 

Registration Page Link: https://beta.jlife.app/events/323

For more information: https://www.federationcja.org/en/event/sock-guys-social-enterprises-social-innovation-disabilities-employment-in-a-pandemic-18403/



Sponsor: Federation CJA, Ometz, L’Annexe, Miles Nadal JCC, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

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