16 2019

Female Rabbis: Agents of Change; Preservers of Tradition

7:30PM - 9:45PM  

Jennifer Gorman 55 Yeomans Road
Suite 201
Toronto, ON M3H 3J7

Contact Jennifer Gorman

Wolfond Centre, 36 Harbord Street
Free and all welcome

Female Rabbis live the paradox of being agents of change whose job it is to teach an unchanging text. They are expected to preserve an ancient tradition which sometimes feels like it has no room for their own female perspective. This panel of five path-breaking female Rabbis: Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, and the first Orthodox ordained woman to use the title Rabbi, plus the moderator who has forged her Rabbinic path non-denominationally- will share insights, experiences, and questions for people of all religions.

With Rabbis Elyse Goldstein, Jennifer Gorman, Tina Grimberg, and Lila Kagedin. Moderated by Rabbi Julia Appel.

Sponsor: Beth Tzedec, City Shul, Darchei Noam, RA, RRGT, TBR, Yeshivat Maharat

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