22 2019

Global Anti-Semitism: A special forum with an exceptional panel of experts

7:00PM - 9:30PM  

TEMPLE HAR ZION 7360 Bayview Avenue
Thornhill, ON L3T 2R7

Contact Sarah Greene
905-889-2252 x109

$ Cost $ 25.00

What is fueling the escalation of anti-Semitism?
White nationalism? Anti-immigrant sentiment? Anti-Israel attitudes? Scapegoating Jews?
Surely, there are common threads of anti-Semitism over the world but are there also different reasons unique to various countries?
Hate crimes against minorities of all stripes and against vulnerable people are a stain on humankind. While Jews are not the only targets of hate crimes, historically, there are no people who have been persecuted and suffered more than Jews. Acts of hate towards Jews have taken on new fervour with many right wing populist governments in Europe and the United States. Acts of such hate have statistically ballooned throughout the western world, including Canada. With an ever increasing need to be vigilant, synagogues, Jewish day schools and many other Jewish institutions have intensified their security.

Cost includes dessert reception.


Sponsor: Temple Har Zion

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