21 2020

National Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony and Ambassadors of Change

3:30PM - 5:30PM  

Debbie Estrin
Complimentary buses from Toronto and Montreal 265 Rimrock Road
Suite 218
Toronto, ON M3J 3C6
416-785-1333 debbie@yadvashem.ca

Contact Debbie Estrin

The Annual National Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony and the Ambassadors of Change Program will be held at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. The ceremony includes speeches from the leaders of the three major Canadian political parties, Holocaust Survivor's testimony, videos and performances. The ceremony is attended by over 700 guests including: Ambassadors, Senators, MP's, Students, Survivors and their families, and members of the community. Prior to the Ceremony, 200 high school students from Ontario and Quebec participate in the Ambassadors of Change program where they meet with Holocaust survivors and participate in discussions about the universal lessons of the Holocaust and their relevance today.

Sponsor: Canadian Society for Yad Vashem

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