1 2019

The Biblical Roots of our Divided Society

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

The Lodzer Centre Congregation 12 Heaton Street
Toronto, ON M3J0G7
416-636-6665 lodzercentre@rogers.com

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$ Cost $ 10.00

On Monday April 1st, Judy Klitsner will be speaking at The Lodzer Centre Congregation at 12 Heaton Street, Toronto. The topic is Echo Chambers Instead of Conversation: The Biblical Roots of Our Divided Society.

In this lecture, she will examine several sibling-centered stories in the book of Genesis, noting a recurring, dangerous tendency toward inattentive, one-sided conversation. She will draw a line from these narratives to the Jewish people today, noting the enduring nature of diminished communication among opponents, and the resulting increase in fractiousness. In our explorations, we will encounter signs of hope for repair.

Sponsor: The Lodzer Centre Congregation Sisterhood

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