7 2019

The Song Shul’s Women’s Pesach Seder!

2:00PM - 4:00PM  

Rinx Entertainment Centre 65 Orfus Rd
Toronto, ON

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Be part of The Song Shul’s Women’s Pesach Seder!

Aliza Spiro leads Toronto’s first WOMEN’S SEDER, shining new light on the Pesach experience.
Not a “Feminist Seder” — it’s a Women’s Seder! Song-filled and jam-packed with exciting insights about the contribution of women to the story of the Exodus.
This. Changes. Everything.
Add new meaning to the way you and your family experience Pesach!
REGISTRATION NOW OPEN at www.songshul.com
Members $20/non-members $30

Sponsor: The Song Shul

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