9 2021

"Three Ordinary Girls" with Author Tim Brady

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Virtual Program

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In recognition of women's history month, join author Tim Brady in this virtual program to discuss his new book "Three Ordinary Girls," the story of Truus Oversteegen, her younger sister Freddie, and their friend Hannie Schaft. They were just teenagers when the commander of The Dutch Royal Army surrendered to the Nazis. Overnight, nine million Netherlanders were suddenly under the heel of the Reichstag boot. As the Dutch government slowly began to pen in the entire Jewish community and force them indoors, along with the requisite yellow star signifying 'Juden,' so the girls were compelled to become involved in The Resistance.

They quickly developed a reputation as intrepid activists. Soon they were called on for bigger, deadlier jobs: Ferrying Jewish children to safeguard locations. Stockpiling weapons. Detonating bombs. Intelligence-gathering. Spying. Sabotage. Murder.

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