25 2019

United to End Anti-Semitism: A 4-Part Workshop Series for Jews and Allies

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Danforth Jewish Circle 310 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON


The recent rise in overt anti-Semitism opens an important opportunity for us to deepen our understanding of anti-Semitism and how it functions – historically and in the present. For Jews, we want to think with clarity and vision about our work to heal the distorting impact of anti-Semitism on the Jewish soul and psyche. As a community of Jews and people from other backgrounds, together we want to build our capacity to grow wise and resilient solidarity to end anti-Semitism. And we want to grow the tools and relationships to reach beyond the DJC, both in the wider Jewish community and in solidarity with other liberation movements, working to eliminate anti-Semitism alongside other forms of oppression and hatred.

This workshop series will integrate history, theory of systemic oppressions and liberation, storytelling, discussion, and the cognitive and emotional exploration of our own experiences.

It is recommended that you participate in the whole series, while you are welcome to attend individual sessions.

Recommended booklet purchase: “Anti-Semitism: Why Is It Everyone’s Concern?” By Cherie Brown and Amy Leos-Urbel

Session Topics:

Session 1 (January 28 *CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER)

Session 2 (February 11) – Anti-Semitism, Jews and Money – Stereotypes, Scapegoats and Safety

Session 3 (February 25) – Anti-Semitism and Israel – Unpacking our Roles as Victims, Oppressors and Questions of Self-Determination

Session 4 (March 25) – Anti-Semitism and Our Relationships – Jewish Insularity, Assimilation and the Challenges of Closeness


DJC Members: FREE!
Non-Members: There is a suggested donation per session of $18, $36, or PWYC; please make your donation ONLINE or you can send an e-transfer to (*please put the title of the event in the description field). You can also mail a cheque to Danforth Jewish Circle, Ste 125 – 283 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2. Thank you for your support!

Sponsor: The Danforth Jewish Circle

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