8 2021

Virtue Ethics and the Good Life in Jewish Thought with Rabbi Frydman-Kohl

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Beth Tzedec Online Program

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From the Bible through modern thinkers, Judaism has been concerned with more than obedience to the commandments. Building upon Biblical and rabbinic ideas, Jewish philosophers explored the cultivation of good character as an important Torah ideal. Aristotle’s conception of virtue ethics was adopted and adapted by Jewish thinkers who sought to explain how the cultivation of virtue and the pursuit of a good life are central to the Torah tradition.

This seminar will introduce participants to some of the seminal texts and thinkers. The four sessions in November and December will deal with virtue ethics in the Bible, rabbinic literature, Aristotle and Maimonides. There will also be four sessions in May and June exploring this orientation after Maimonides.

This series will be offered via Zoom. Pre-registration is required to access the link information. To register, visit

Sponsor: Presented as part of The Institute for Jewish Learning in memory of Anne and Max Tanenbaum

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