Full Time

Director of Cultural Affairs

Consulate General of Israel in Toronto and Western Canada 2 Bloor Street East, Toronto ON

The Consulate General of Israel in Toronto and Western Canada is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Director of Cultural Affairs at its office in downtown Toronto. The successful candidate will join a team of local staff under the direction of the Consulate's diplomatic officials and will:

  • Plan, organize, and implement the programs and services of the Department of Cultural Affairs;
  • Liaise with Canadian organizations, institutions and individuals involved in various cultural fields (art, cinema, theatre, literature, etc.) in Ontario and Western Canada;
  • Take part in internal and outside meetings with individuals and groups in various cultural fields;
  • Prepare promotional materials such as press releases, posters and advertisements;
  • Take part in presentations and other outreach activities;
  • Maintain database of artists, cultural organizations, events such as festivals, exhibitions, etc.;
  • Identify new project opportunities;
  • Help strengthen existing relations with relevant organizations, including Jewish community organizations.

The successful candidate will possess the following background and skills:

  • Relevant educational background;
  • Work experience in a cultural field;
  • Excellent computer and communication skills;
  • Good knowledge of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.;
  • Strong English-language skills, including writing skills (letters, reports, articles), and public speaking on occasion;
  • Good social skills - open to meeting new people and making new contacts;
  • Creative thinking - ability to initiate programs, ideas, etc.
  • Good knowledge of Canadian culture and arts;
  • Some knowledge of Israel, Israeli culture, as well as Jewish culture and the Canadian Jewish community.

Please email your resume and cover letter to: provincial@toronto.mfa.gov.il and put "Cultural Affairs Position" on the subject line.