About Us


Chani Greenwald

Project Manager

Chani manages short and long term research projects and is excited to help with a variety of educational and identity initiatives. She manages community partnerships and acts as liaison to local and international stakeholders in order to ensure the overarching goals of capacity building are achieved. 

Samantha Bacher

PJ Library Manager

Samantha is one of our amazing PJ Library managers. She manages our partner relationships with synagogues and supplementary schools to help bring more fantastic PJ Library programs to your community.  Samantha manages the PJ Library team’s marketing and social media accounts. Follow PJ Library on Facebook and see Samantha’s handy work!

Natalie Walden

Manager, Part Time Jewish Education

Natalie works closely with part time Jewish education programs across the GTA. She assists agencies in building their capacity to better serve our 21st century learners and coordinates opportunities for professional development. Natalie is excited to manage the WOW! Initiative, an innovative program aimed to address massive cultural and demographics changes in our community. To learn more about the WOW! Initiative click here.

Nitza Daniel

PJ Library Administrator

Nitza is part of our amazing PJ Library team! She manages the almost 9,000 and counting PJ Library subscriptions and assists with the administration of the PJ Plus Parent-Tot program.  She works very closely with the PJ Library team to ensure all PJ programs are running smoothly

Tanya Werger

Executive Assistant

As the administrative assistant at the Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education, Tanya is responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of the daily happenings of the department. Tanya is delighted to work in cooporation with our schools, camps, and partnering agencies.

Adina Lipson

Manager, PJ Library

Adina is our PJ Plus program manager – a weekly parent/grandparent and tot class designed around PJ library books.  She trains our incredible PJ Plus teachers. Adina also manages our day school partnerships. She works with our day schools in order to bring PJ Library programs into the classroom and into your life!

Maya Cohen

Director, Centre for Jewish Identity

Maya joins us as the Director of the Centre for Jewish Identity. She oversees the Centre’s work with young families, teens, university aged students, and emerging adults. Maya is excited to be working with the team to develop and implement innovative new programs as well as a relationship building strategy to support the Centre’s mission to bring Jewish experiences to you!

Jessica Taylor

Manager, Leadership & Community Engagement

Jessica works with UJA's Centre for Jewish Education and Under 40 (U40) division, focusing on Birthright Israel alumni engagement. The aim: to help further individuals' personal connections with Israel, Judaism & community in an ongoing way. Jessica has had a vast array of experiences professionally and as a volunteer, and loves helping young adults find meaningful ways to get connected to Jewish community. Reach out if you or someone you know is interested in getting involved!

Dvora Goodman

Supplementary Education Consultant

Dvora is our consultant to the WOW! Initiative.  She helps advance the work we are doing with part time Jewish educational programs in the GTA, to expand their reach in the community and deepen the quality of the educational experiences they offer.

Rachel Saslove

Manager, Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping and Teen Engagement

Rachel’s extensive experience and love of Jewish camping makes her a perfect fit to develop a strong strategic plan for increasing the impact of our Jewish camps. In addition to the focus on camps, Rachel will work collaboratively with our many local and national youth programs to develop a strategy to increase teen engagement in the Jewish community.

Evan Mazin

Director, Educational Capacity Building

Evan is excited to take on the role of Director of Educational Capacity Building. In partnership with CJE lay leaders and professionals, Evan is responsible for developing and implementing the strategies to strengthen the programming and reach of our Jewish educational agencies.

Daniel Held

Executive Director

As Executive Director of the Centre for Jewish Education, Daniel Held, leads the CJE team in fulfilling our vision to ensure that every Jew has access to a youth filled with multiple, high impact Jewish experiences. Daniel is dedicated to strengthening our community by developing and deploying excellence in formal and informal Jewish education.