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For first timer children and parents overnight camp can be an intimidating prospect. The Weekender, sponsored by the UJA’s Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping, is designed to introduce first-time campers to Jewish overnight camp in a safe and fun 2-3 day session. It is an innovative program which allows children entering Grades 1 to 6 to get a taste of Jewish summer camp. 


Take a peek at what the Weekender is all about!

Logo for Camp Gesher

Camp Gesher


Camp Philosophy: At Camp Gesher, campers learn about tikkun olam and practice it through community service projects. Creating an environment that fosters cooperation and collective responsibility is a central theme.


Shabbat Experience: Camp traditions provide campers with opportunities to learn about Jewish and Israeli history and culture. We have a kosher kitchen and celebrate Shabbat and Havdalah. Shabbat is a favorite among our community because it is a unique and special experience for our campers, many of whom don't experience it at home.

Logo for Camp Northland

Camp Northland


Camp Philosophy: Camp Northland is a true interdenominational Jewish overnight camp embracing the entire Jewish community in a celebration of Jewish culture, traditional values, building Jewish identity, and inspiring connections to Judaism and Israel. Every camper and family will find their comfort and 'summer family' at Camp Northland because we are inclusive, warm, and nurturing of all that join our community.


Shabbat Experience: Shabbat at camp is a magical experience beginning with our 'shabbos shuk', where kids make their own challah, write shabbat o' grams to make others feel good leading into shabbat, have snacks, and play games. At the shabbat meal (all meals are certified COR kosher with a masgiach on site), campers bring in shabbat with a small oneg, an inspirational story connecting us to each other and our Jewish values, followed blessings, and a traditional shabbat meal. Shabbat ends with a waterfront havdallah service with the entire camp.

Logo for Camp Ramah

Camp Ramah


​Camp Philosophy: Camp Ramah in Canada features outstanding programs on the waterfront, in sports and outdoor adventure, and in the arts - all within the context of a vibrant, fun, and caring Jewish community. By combining a love for camping with meaningful Jewish experiences, Ramah also instills in its campers a love of Judaism, the Jewish people, and the state of Israel.


Shabbat Experience: Shabbat at Ramah is community-focused. Shabbat includes pre-Shabbat stories, Kabbalat Shabbat, delicious Shabbat meals, and singing and dancing. On Shabbat afternoons, cabin groups choose from a wide variety of special Shabbat activities, including two free swims. Shabbat ends with a camp wide unique Ramah-style Havdalah



Logo for Camp Shomria

Camp Shomria

Camp Philosophy: Camp Shomria is modeled after the Israeli Kibbutz. The camp embodies social, environmental, and progressive Jewish values creating a nurturing and compassionate environment which allows for a fun and meaningful summer.


Shabbat Experience: The Shabbat experience in camp focuses on a cultural approach to Jewish tradition and ritual, offering our campers opportunity for self-exploration and reflection, as well as participating in our full camp Shabbat ceremonies.

The logo for Camp Shalom

Camp Shalom

Camp Philosophy: Camp Shalom is one of the oldest Jewish/Zionist camping experiences for 7-13 year olds in Canada! Priding itself on specialized activities, integrated informal Jewish programming, Kosher meals, and the best Zionist camping experience around.

Shabbat Experience: Shabbat at Camp Shalom starts with relaxing Shabbat prep and includes a ymmy Friday night dinner, meaningful services, and a Rockin' Shira (song session)! Shabbat day is filled with more food and services, fun Shabbat friendly activities like free swim and a special Havdalah.

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