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The study of the Tanach increases our student’s connection with the Jewish People, their love of the Land of Israel, their love of text, and their love of Torah. What better way to encourage students to study and learn the Tanach than by involving them in the Bible Contest. The regional  Chidon Hatanach (Bible Contest) is an annual competition on the Jewish Bible, for middle school and high school students.


Day school and  part time Jewish education students from all over Canada are eligible to participate


Participants study a given list of Bible chapters and compete in a preliminary regional test in February or March.  View the English Chapter List and Hebrew Chapter List

The Test

The test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions for high school students, 75 for grades 7 and 8, 50 for grades 5 and 6. Website for Studying

Regional Competition

Participating Jewish day and supplementary schools are responsible for registering their students in each grade level. Children at Jewish day school or supplementary school who are interested in participating in the Regional Bible Contest should notify their Jewish studies teacher or principal. Participating schools provide coaches and time during lunch or after school for studying. Not all schools participate.

Students at non-participating schools  can register as an independent student through their coach or guardian by contacting Tanya Werger at twerger@ujafed.org 

The Regional test will take place March 4th 2018 

National Competition

The top 50 scoring students will continue to the national competition which is held on opposite years in either Toronto or Montreal. The national competition is held in April or May. The top 10 people are selected. Of these, the top scoring student from Montreal and the two top scoring students from Toronto will go to Israel the following year to represent Canada in the International competition. 

The top students from the Regional Competitions have been invited to participate in the National competition which will be taking place in Toronto this year on May 6 & 7. Parents and others from the community are invited to watch the finals, which take place on Monday May 6th in the afternoon. Should you wish to attend or have any questions about the event please contact Tanya Werger at twerger@ujafed.org 


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