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The Creative Writing Contest is a great chance for students to express their creativity, imagination, and love of writing. It is sponsored by the Samuel J. and Jean Sable Education Fund.

Contest Guidelines:


All children studying in a day or part time Jewish school affiliated with The Julia & Henry Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education are eligible. All entries must be original work.

Literary Style

Students’ work may be in the form of prose, poetry, play, fiction or non-fiction. Students should avoid summaries of historical or biographical information. Please limit all entries to four pages.


  • English and Hebrew Entries from students in grades 4 and up must be submitted in Word format, single-spaced (no PDF entries, please)
  • Only students in grades 1-3 may submit in handwritten form.
  • Please scan and submit handwritten entries in JPEG or PDF format.
  • Artwork is welcomed! Please colour scan and submit along with a written entry



  1.   This year Canada turned 150 and Israel turned 70
  2.   I invented a new technology and this is how it will change the world
  3.   I make Shabbat special for me by...
  4.   Write about doing something you want to do but are afraid to
  5.   Travel all of Israel and describe who you meet on your journey
  6.   I am proud to be Jewish because...



Teachers may submit the top 5 entries from their class no later than Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Awards Ceremony

All winning submissions will be published in a Creative Writing Booklet which is distributed to participants and families at the Awards Ceremony. This year’s Awards Ceremony will take place Sunday, June 10th, 2018 at 10:00am at TanenbaumCHAT - 200 Wilmington Avenue.

How to Enter

Children interested in submitting work should speak directly to their Hebrew or Day School teachers. Only teachers are able to enter submissions for this contest. 


Select the top 5 entries from your class and use the online form linked below to enter your submissions and supporting documents. Once the entries are received by the CJE, they will be reviewed by a panel of judges. Judging is based on caliber of content, clarity of thought, creativity, originality, and style of writing. The decisions of the judges are final.


Parents or students with questions about participating should speak directly to your child's teacher.


Teachers having difficulty submitting entries can email cgreenwald@ujafed.org



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