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4 Listings from the Discover Jewish Toronto Archive

1 Yeshiva Ateres Yisrael

46 Sultana Avenue

Toronto, ON M6A 1T1

Rabbi Moshe Feurst (Principal)
(416) 782-5887

2Camp Segula/ Otzros

103 Frontenac Road

Toronto, ON M5N 1Z8

Rabbi Shlomo Chayn (Camp Director)
(416) 783-8354

3Jewish Teen Zone

399 York Hill Blvd.

Toronto, ON L4J 3B5

Mendel Nakkar (Director)​
(289) 317-0770

4Yeshiva Gedolah

70 Fairholme Avenue

Toronto, ON M6B 3B2

Rabbi C.M. Brodsky (Head Of School)
(416) 789-7153

This directory of Jewish organizations reflects only non commercial enterprises.
For a full list of those organizations that are UJA Federation beneficiaries please click here.