Tag: Yiddish Culture

6 Listings from the Discover Jewish Toronto Archive

1 Toronto Workmen's Circle

471 Lawrence Avenue West

Toronto, ON M5M 1C6

Mel Cederbaum (Director)
(416) 787-2081

2 United Jewish Peoples' Order

585 Cranbrooke Avenue

Toronto, ON M6A 2X9

Maxine Hermolin (Executive Director)
(416) 789-5502

3Ashkenaz Foundation and Festival

455 Spadina Avenue

Suite 303

Toronto, ON M5S 2G8

(416) 979-9901

4Committee for Yiddish of UJA Federation

4600 Bathurst Street

Toronto, ON M2R 3V2

(416) 635-2883 x5189

5Friends Of Yiddish

c/o 4600 Bathurst Street

Toronto, ON M2R 3V2

Helen Smolkin (President)
(905) 886-6491

6Yiddish Vinkl (The)

Toronto, ON

Sol Hermolin
(416) 785-3880

This directory of Jewish organizations reflects only non commercial enterprises.
For a full list of those organizations that are UJA Federation beneficiaries please click here.