Dollars raised through Global Seder support UJA Campaign allocated programs and services in TorontoIsraelCuba and the Former Soviet Union (FSU).


In Toronto, UJA allocates over $60,000 annually to help the poorest of the poor purchase food for Passover.


There is no kosher food in Cuba so UJA allocates $50,000 to send kosher for Passover food to Cuba's Jewish community of 1,500 ensuring ful­fillment of Passover traditions.


In the Israeli city of Bat Yam, UJA provides $75,000 for Ethiopian Israelis, including school lunches for 500 hungry children.



Give $100


You get: a set of 30 original place cards for your Seder table.


Give $500


You get: Passover-themed toys and 30 original place cards.