UJA Federation’s Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping was established to help cultivate Jewish overnight camping in the GTA. By establishing innovative and industry leading initiatives, the Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping is strengthening Jewish Identity and Jewish affiliation with each new camper!

One Happy Camper
The Jewish overnight summer camp experience has proven to serve as a portal to Jewish identity. In partnership with Foundation for Jewish Camping and participating camps, UJA Federation’s Jewish Camp Incentive Program, One Happy Camper, is an outreach program intended to increase the number of first-time campers attending Jewish overnight camp in order to enhance affiliation and build community. The program is geared towards children who are residing in the GTA. One Happy Camper awards a $1,000 incentive grant to first-time campers to attend Jewish overnight camp. For more information and to apply, click here.

Jewish Camping
Studies unanimously conclude that the outcomes of Jewish Camping are significant to the development of Jewish identity in kids, rivaling any other form of Jewish identity investment. Foundation for Jewish Camp’s CAMP WORKS provides systematic and quantitative evidence that summers at Jewish camp create adults who are committed to the Jewish community and engaged in Jewish practice.

Ontario Council for Jewish Camps (OCJC)
The OCJC is a collective body comprised of 10 Jewish overnight camps and one day camp, working together to strengthen the field of Jewish camping. The OCJC supported by the Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping provides a roundtable for resources sharing, content development and coordinated marketing. The strength in numbers that results, allows participating OCJC camps to organize group purchasing through the Tuck Shop project, saving money and leveraging resources.

Institutional Strengthening
OCJC members have made a commitment to actively participate in an Institutional Strengthening programming, which infuses professional development tools and leading business strategies to elevate the professional standards of Jewish camps of Ontario. The impact is being seen in all aspects of camping operations and community engagement.

Synagogue Ambassador Program for Jewish Camp
In the fall of 2014, Toronto’s Synagogue Ambassador Program will be launched – the first initiative of this scope and connectivity in Canada, to-date. Synagogues and camp are at the forefront of informal Jewish identity development and increasingly play a larger role in Jewish Toronto’s effort to engage families in new ways. Partner synagogues, who have established relationships with UJA (through the Shinshinim program) and the community (through Jewish Day & Supplementary schools), will engage their congregants in the value Jewish overnight camp. By activating Parent Ambassador Families, participating synagogues will become proponents for Jewish camping and share in the goal of building a strong Jewish community in the GTA.

Grow Jewish Camp
Grow Jewish Camping provides funding through a 3-year business incubator model to new, innovative overnight camps. Successful applicants will work with the Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping committee, in a supportive and encouraging environment to develop camps that operate under a strong Jewish mission and share in our passion of building Jewish peoplehood. We seek to select proposals that reflect our passion to grow Jewish camping and will focus on reaching new markets of campers in the GTA.

For more information about any of our programs, please contact Atara Rosenberg at arosenberg@ujafed.org or call 416.635.2883 ext 5305 ​