Aardvark Haifa Year of Service

Duration: 10 months February to November or September to June

Cost: $13,500 USD *Before MASA grant and additional scholarships

Tuition for Masa Year of Service includes program tuition, housing, meal stipend, medical insurance, fees for all enrichment programming, local transportation, and more. Airfare to/from Israel and the cost of any entry visa, if required, is not included in the program tuition.

Jewish Service is excited to announce Aardvark Israel and the Israel Volunteer Association’s new partnership to create a low-cost, Year of Service through Sherut Leumi, Israel’s National Civil Service Program. Created as a social service action initiative for Israeli young adults, Sherut Leumi is now allowing English-speaking foreign volunteers to join their ranks! Participants will have the opportunity to find placements in the industries of health, education, welfare, and co-existence to name a few popular industries!

Mission and Goals of the Program:

  • To foster a long-term, meaningful connection to Israel as a segue to a stronger Jewish identity overall.
  • Provide a comprehensive insight into the long and complex history of Jewish peoplehood in Israel that is both relevant and engaging.
  • Explore the notion of responsibility to Jewry around the world and in relation to the prosperity of our communities collectively with Israel as the central pillar of Jewish identification.
  • Give back to Israeli society at large through volunteer-based programming.


Often referred to by its moniker, ‘Israel’s San Francisco’, Haifa is nestled into the slopes of Mount Carmel, overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Known as a model for peaceful coexistence, Haifa has become a hub for music, start-ups, art, and a booming nightlife scene making it the perfect home-base for a Year of Service.


Participants will be placed by their volunteer coordinator for 8 hours a day, 4 days a week providing relevant “on the job” training, while still giving back to local communities and society’s most vulnerable populations. Participants will be fully integrated with local staff, allowing them to explore the various intersections of Jewish and Israeli identities while improving their Hebrew and fully immersing themselves culturally.

Learning – Ulpan, Field Trips and Educational Seminars

Participants will take part in weekly excursions included in tuition fees. This will include opportunities to travel and study at one of Israel’s top-rated Ulpans.

Evenings and Weekends

Participants will enjoy access to an ever growing roster of evening activities and opportunities to optimize their free time through “sports, social and cultural events, guest speakers, and leadership development activities” to help broaden their understanding of the complexities and nuances of life in Israel as a local.
Participants are encouraged to use their unstructured weekends to travel, visit with friends and family, or to pursue independent projects and coursework virtually. For more information on online credit issuing opportunities please be in touch with Simona Newman at sinewman@ujafed.org.

Housing and Accommodations

Included in tuition are all associated housing costs and living accommodations. Participants will be issued a monthly, unlimited regional transit pass to provide reliable transportation to work, planned trips and excursions, and an accompanying app to top-up for inter-regional transport on the go. This will allow participants to visit other parts of Israel without paying exorbitant fees for transit during their unstructured time. A stipend for weekly groceries and living expenses will also be provided.
With the guidance of a qualified counselor, participants will learn to cook, clean, budget, do laundry, and live together with roommates. Group advisors will also hold weekly apartment meetings to foster a culture with a healthy balance of independence with adequate oversight.
Aardvark offers full accommodations to participants regardless of religious affiliation. Shabbat will be observed in “public places” and participants will have the option for kosher housing.

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