Duration: 10 or 11-month program (Mechina or Year of Service, respectively)

Cost: $17,500 (*Before grants and scholarships)

Location: Tel Aviv or Haifa

BINA is an Israeli social action movement situated at the cross-roads of education and social justice. Through immersive programming BINA seeks to recontextualize the Jewish Emerging Adults’ experience through limud (study), ma’ase (action), kehilla (community), and of course, Tikkun Olam as a means to achieve these ideals.


Participants spend their days living side by side with Israelis on both the Mechina track or Year of Service track. Travel and volunteer in local communities with your new Israeli friends and practice your Hebrew both formally in class and through immersion!


During your time living in Tel Aviv or Haifa, you’ll be engaging directly with community through hands-on volunteer based projects and programming, which you’ll be able to design and facilitate! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for those going into studies related to social justice issues such as poverty, migration, the environment, and more!


Together, your cohort will plan out the year you want to have, with one on one guidance from Jewish Service and BINA staff. As a team you’ll plan everything from trips, monthly budgets, independent programming, and other skills to help you succeed long-term.


In addition to your volunteer service, ample travel opportunities, and guest speakers, participants will now be able to study in both Haifa and Tel Aviv at the BINA Secular Yeshiva. The BINA Secular Yeshiva provides Jewish learning through a secular, Israeli lense with a focus on Tikkun Olam and social justice.

BINA Mechina - Tel Aviv

Spend a year living like a local with locals through BINA’s Mechina Program. In addition to your volunteer and learning opportunities, this track offers optional university credit!

Bina Year of Service -Haifa

This Year of Service in the hi-tech, multicultural hub of Haifa is the perfect opportunity to blend Hebrew studies with a chance to volunteer alongside Israelis! A great fit for those with minimal Israel and Hebrew exposure looking to spend a year in an exciting program for future leaders.

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