Kibbutz Volunteer Program Center

Join an alumni network of over 400,000 volunteers since 1967 with the Kibbutz Volunteer program through KPC and Habonim! Dive into a year exploring what makes the Kibbutz movement so unique -- an unalienable commitment to Tikkun Olam.

Live like a local with a diverse cohort of volunteers hailing from every corner of the globe, as you work side by side with Israelis experiencing Israel through hands-on, experiential learning.

Duration: 8-12 months, 5-6 days per week volunteering in Kibbutz industries, such as agritech, animal welfare, hospitality and tourism, and education.

Cost: This program is free, with a nominal fee of roughly $700 to cover insurances. The program includes room and board and three meals daily. Additionally, each participant will receive a regular stipend to cover additional living costs.

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