Israeli ambassador warns against Israel deligitimization

Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, believes global Jewish unity is an essential weapon against those who question’s Israel legitimacy as an independent nation.

Speaking to the Jewish Council for Public Affairs plenum in Dallas, Oren warned of serious consequences if Jews around the world are too divided by political or theological issues to recognize the danger posed by proponents of boycotts against Israel. “Israel could be strangled economically or isolated internationally as a pariah state,” he said if the Jewish people “fail to mount an effective defence.” 

Oren also noted the military implications of a successful boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign. He pointed out that Hizbullah has hidden 42,000 rockets, poised against Israel, under hospitals, schools and other civilian facilities, so that Israel will be accused of war crimes should it ever try to militarily remove the massive arms stockpile.

“Every attempt to annihilate us throughout history,” he added, “has been preceded by an attempt to dehumanize us.”

Citing Iran as the prime proponent of Jewish dehumanization and Israel’s destruction, Oren urged U.S. Jewry in particular to fight forcefully for action directed at Iran. He suggested huge banners everywhere against an Iranian nuclear bomb and urged Jewish communities to join Israel in fighting for Israel’s right to exist.


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