It's Time to Think "Outside the Cabin" and Grow Jewish Summer Camp

UJA's Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping Offering Grants for Creative Ideas  

By Daniel Horowitz--The evidence is irrefutable.  

Jewish summer camp is one of the most profound, effective and just plain fun options when it comes to connecting our children with their Jewish identities, and for creating important, friendships that last a lifetime.  

Today, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping is spearheading a number of innovative and exciting initiatives to help grow the Jewish summer camp experience, allowing more of our youngsters the opportunity to experience this unforgettable, transformative experience.  

The Silber Centre’s newest initiative, “Grow Jewish Camping,” provides a generous fund to support new game-changing programs that offer a minimum 8-day Jewish overnight experience that is consistent with our Jewish values, be it in the field of arts, sports, science or nature, or other unique ideas you might have.  

UJA’s Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping is offering between 3 to 5 grants for an original, innovative idea. Funding will range from $50,000 to $150,000, to be paid out over three years.  

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