Netanyahu addresses 3,000 Taglit-Birthright Israel participants

Annual Mega Event Held in Jerusalem

By Dan Horowitz--On Wednesday, January 5th, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed approximately 3,000 Birthright Israel participants in the annual Taglit-Birthright Israel Mega Event in Jerusalem.

During his emotional and compelling address, the PM told the enthusiastic crowd that when they return home to their native countries, they need to spread the word about what they saw in Israel and to be ambassadors for the Jewish state.

“We live in a tough neighbourhood and we have to defend ourselves,” said Netanyahu, speaking off the cuff. “And, we have the bravest soldiers in the world to do that. But the most important battle we have to fight is the battle for the truth, and, all of you can become ambassadors for the truth and for Israel. You are all here because of a few visionary Jews who decided to bring tens of thousands of you, young Jews, to Israel to see the truth and have their hearts touched by it. Last year, 40,000 of you came on Birthright Israel, and this year, it’s 50,000. I think it’s only when you come here, you realize just how precious this birthright is. I want you to go back to your countries, to your friends and families, and tell them what you saw here. But, I have one more request. I want you to come back here and make aliyah to Israel. Whether you do that or stay there, be proud of your birthright. Be proud of Israel!”

Watch Prime Minister Netanyahu’s full address below.


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