The Gaza Raid: Fact vs. Fiction

From every corner of the world, Israel is facing condemnation for yesterday's raid on the ship Mavi Marmara, part of the flotilla carrying goods to Gaza. Unfortunately, nine of those on board died in a confrontation with Israel's Defense Forces and several members of the IDF were injured. Just as in April 2002, when Israel was accused of a non-existent Jenin "massacre," the world is, once again, convicting Israel of murder and kidnapping long before the all the facts are known. Sadly, the world is also judging Israel by different standards than even the most tyrannical regimes.

Here are facts to date from Canada Israel Committee and video from other sources clarifying what occurred.

• Israeli sailors, attempting to board the Mavi Marmara, were attacked by dozens of activists armed with knives, metal bars, Molotov cocktails and stun guns. Fearing for their lives, the Israeli soldiers had no choice but to respond. The video below shows IDF personnel under attack, and passengers on board the ship throwing one of the IDF sailors off the boat.

• The Mavi Marmara is sponsored by a terrorist Turkish organization known as IHH, which has a long history of cooperation with Islamic terrorists. IHH belongs to an umbrella organization known to finance terrorism called the Union of Good. In 2008, Israel banned IHH along with 35 other Islamist charities worldwide, for its ties to the Union of Good. The U.S. government also views the Union of Good as a terrorist organization. 

• This video shows flotilla members chanting slogans about the 7th century battle of Khaybar in which Muhammad's forces killed many Jews.

• Israel made every effort to provide the flotilla organizers with an opportunity to avoid a confrontation. Israel offered to bring the flotilla into the port of Ashdod, and to transfer their goods to Gaza following appropriate security checks. The organizers rejected this offer.

• Israel repeatedly warned the flotilla about a maritime blockade off the coast of Gaza and that it would be brought to an Israeli port for cargo offloading. To view the IDF warning, please click below.

• There is no blockade on humanitarian aid to Gaza. In fact, Israel delivers 15,000 tons of humanitarian aid - including medical supplies, food, and water - to Gaza every week. The blockade exists to prevent unauthorized individuals and unknown cargo from entering Gaza and falling into the hands of the Hamas regime. Hamas is presently smuggling in massive amounts of military supplies.

Here's what you can do to help reveal what really happened on board the Mavi Marmara:

• Post the videos in this e-mail to your Twitter and Facebook pages
• Distribute them virally to all your friends and acquaintances
• Write letters to the editor and online in response to media articles, emphasizing that IDF personnel acted in self-defense after being clubbed and attacked by a mob on board, and that the Mavi Marmara was sponsored by a terrorist- supporting organization, with many extremists as passengers.
• For information on how you can contact Canadian political party leaders, please visit

Thank you, in advance for your support.

Alan Winer
Chair, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto


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