The largest Israeli flag mural in the world now in Eilat

Tambour International donated 2,800 liters of paint for the project  

Celebrating the 65th anniversary of Israel's Independence, the Municipality of Eilat has unveiled the largest Israeli flag in the world, painted on a concrete hangar in Eilat’s naval base, and covering 3,600 square meters.  

Using a combination of light and shadow, the flag can be seen from the shores of the Gulf of Eilat and also from Eilat’s neighboring cities.  

The flag is an initiative of the Mayor of Eilat, Meir Yitzhak Halevi, and is an improvement over the old hangar, giving it a fresh new look. Tambour International, a leading paint manufacturing and marketing company, donated 2,800 liters of paint to ensure the project’s success.  The flag, 30 meters high and 120 meters long, was painted to appear as if blowing in the wind.  

"We believe that color is the most significant design component, and the flag creates a living environment for all of us in Israel," said Michael Dane, CEO of Tambour International.

"There is nothing like shades of blue and white to express our culture."  

Dane is also upgrading the wall surrounding the naval base, to illustrate the significance of color to the people of Israel.


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