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The Non-Jewish Teacher Who Made Holocaust Education Her Cause

Rachel Luke learned about the Holocaust when she was a little and the knowledge transformed her life. Now a teacher in Mississauga, she was stunned when her students had never heard of the Holocaust. She has made it her life's mission to educate young people about it.


UJA Federation's Investment in Sderot

Sderot - just one kilometer from the Gaza Strip and under relentless missile fire for many years - has become a symbol of the region's remarkable resilience. Despite economic hardship and limited infrastructure, the social fabric of Sderot has remained strong. Students and young determined…

Help Sam Hershenhorn reach $100,000

For almost 5 decades, Sam Hershenhorn has been participating in UJA's Walk with Israel. He is consistently among the highest fundraisers for the event. This year, he broke his personal record by raising $88,000 for the Walk.

Help Sam round out his total and hit $100,000! All funds raised …