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The Gaza Raid: Fact vs. Fiction

From every corner of the world, Israel is facing condemnation for yesterday's raid on the ship Mavi Marmara, part of the flotilla carrying goods to Gaza. Unfortunately, nine of those on board died in a confrontation with Israel's Defense Forces and several members of the IDF were injured. Ju…

Flotilla goods getting to Gaza

Just about all of the passengers on board the flotilla of ships that were heading for Gaza have now been returned to their countries of origin and most of the goods aboard the controversial flotilla have been cleared by Israel for travel by land to the territory ruled by Hamas. However, Isra…

Israeli Minister Yuli Edelstein leads UJA’s Walk with Israel after Netanyah

By: Rebecca Bitton
Shalom Life

Thousands of Jews, along with non-Jewish friends of Israel from all different parts of the world and different points on the religious spectrum, walked together on Sunday, May 30th for one reason: to demonstrate the Toronto Jewish community’s solidarity with …

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Delivers Historic Speech to Launc

By Dan Verbin
Publication: Shalom Life

The 2010 UJA Walk with Israel began with a spectacular show of solidarity from members and leaders of the Jewish community as well as politicians from all levels of government.

Thousands of people came from far and wide to get to Ricoh Coliseum and the Dir…