Toronto - The Most Zionist Community in the World


Itamar Eichner, Toronto Published in YNET: 05.06.19, 19:02

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"Israel is the heart and soul of Canadian Jewry in general …

Update from Israel: New elections in September

Last night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to form a coalition government, which he had until midnight to do following his election one month ago. This has resulted in the calling of a new election which is scheduled for September 17th. 

Our UJA Federation partner, J…

Walk with Israel 2019

The 50th annual UJA Walk with Israel is only five days away and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our community’s bond with Israel on this historic milestone.  This year, in honour of the anniversary, the Walk is moving back north to the heart of the Jewish community, starting at…

Update on deadly rocket fire in Israel

A vehicle that sustained a direct hit from a rocket near Yad Mordechai in southern Israel. (photo credit: POLICE SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)

It has been a horrifying Shabbat and weekend in Israel. The south of the country has been under an incessant barrage of rocket fire since Saturday morning…

A word from our office in Sderot

It began very early in the morning on Shabbat before all the people of Israel realized that they were shooting at us again. A short message from the emergency teams about certain areas and roads in the area being blocked by the IDF.

Predictably, at about 9:30 AM, massive rocket fire began f…