Women's Philanthropy thanks past and present leaders

This week, over 70 people joined us to honour and thank Aryella Weisz, our outgoing Women’s Philanthropy Chair, and her 2018 executive committee. We also welcomed Leslie Richmond, the incoming 2019 Women’s Philanthropy Chair, and her 2019 executive committee. It was a moving evening de…

26 things only Jewish summer camp alumni would know

We asked directors from Jewish summer camps to share what they consider to be the most memorable camp experiences!

1. An hour at camp felt like a week in the city

They say (or maybe I say) that an hour at camp feels like a week in the city. The bonds built at camp cannot be replicated an…

The power of unity

by Adam Minsky, President & CEO, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

I cannot think of a more beautiful or powerful expression of UJA’s mission to bring the community together than what took place last night, when almost two thousand members of Toronto’s Jewish community came together in …

Why Diller is Amazing! The Diller Leadership Shabbaton

By Naomi Derfel

The Diller Leadership Shabbaton took place Feb 1 - 3 at Mansfield Outdoor Centre. The Leadership Shabbaton is a unique opportunity for teens to hone their leadership skills by working with a budget to plan a schedule and activities for the group of 24 Diller teens and staff …

Collecting Camp Memories

Reliving Jewish Summer Camp Through Wall Art

Daniel Held, Executive Director of The Julia and Henry Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education, writes:

Jewish summer camp plays a pivotal role for countless Jewish families. A timeless tradition, passed from generation to generation, Jewish summ…