UJA and CIJA Stand Against Anti-Black Racism

“Recent events in the United States are a stark reminder that we must remain steadfast in the fight against racism, even during a global pandemic,” said Adam Minsky, President and CEO of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. “As Jews and as Canadians, we have a moral obligation to speak o…

Physically Distant but Never Disconnected: Thoughts for Shavuot

More than 2,000 years ago – long before universal education was a popular concept – the Jewish people established a national system of schools throughout the Land of Israel.

In 19th Century Russia, a time and place when Jews suffered terrible poverty and persecution, a Czarist official …

Pandemic Update: How UJA is Repositioning

This is a very bittersweet update to share.

Sweet, in that we have continued to make tremendous progress in meeting the growing needs of our community stemming from the pandemic. We’re appreciative and humbled that this wouldn’t be possible without our incredible donors, volunteers, and…

Cyber Security Update for Jewish Institutions in the GTA

As Jewish institutions continue to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, many community activities are now being conducted online. Unfortunately, the increased use of conferencing platforms like “Zoom” has resulted in a new opportunity to spread antisemitic hate through “Zoom-bombing.”

Appreciating What Matters Most: Thoughts for Passover




Of the many impacts of this terrible pandemic, perhaps one of the most unexpected is a renewed appreciation of all that we ordinarily take for granted.

For each of us, there are those things in our lives that we never thought much about before, but now recognize to be an…