Gerda Frieberg presents the inaugural Teen Philanthropy Award

It took extraordinary courage and strength for 14 year-old Gerda Frieberg to survive deportation from her native Poland and three tortuous years in a Nazi concentration camp during the Holocaust. Seventy-three years after liberation, it was with immense pride that she presented the inaugural…

From the Jewish Bubble to Jewish Pluralism

You could say I live in the Jewish bubble. I attended Bialik Hebrew Day School for nine years, I have been attending Tanenbaum CHAT for the past three years. I went to Jewish summer camp and I live just off of Bathurst.

For most of my life, I was surrounded by a singular image of Judaism. W…

UJA's 2018 Walk & Run with Israel by the Numbers

UJA's 2018 Walk & Run with Israel brings members from our incredibly diverse community together to share in a common goal. Our walkers, runners, volunteers and sponsors made this year's Walk & Run an exceptional event, helping us raise OVER $1 MILLION. See the impact we had at this one-day e…

60 Years of service to the Magen David and the Community

For Maurice & Elise Benzacar, ‘Paying it Forward’ has been the devoted work of a lifetime together.


Benzacar couple to be honoured on June 13 by
Magen David Sephardic Congregation
for 60 Years of service to the Magen David and the Community.

60 years ago, Sephardic Jews from Casabl…

Reflections on my study mission to Morocco and Spain

Op-Ed by Ruthie Wahl upon her return from National Young Leadership Cabinet's study mission to Morocco and Spain

If I told you about Rochelle and Ruthie, sitting down to a cup of tea, and enjoying each other’s company, it would seem a fairly unremarkable story of two octogenarians spend…