Cyber Security Update for Jewish Institutions in the GTA

As Jewish institutions continue to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, many community activities are now being conducted online. Unfortunately, the increased use of conferencing platforms like “Zoom” has resulted in a new opportunity to spread antisemitic hate through “Zoom-bombing.”

Appreciating What Matters Most: Thoughts for Passover




Of the many impacts of this terrible pandemic, perhaps one of the most unexpected is a renewed appreciation of all that we ordinarily take for granted.

For each of us, there are those things in our lives that we never thought much about before, but now recognize to be an…

Jewish Doctors Urge Community: Stay Home on Passover

This week, Kol HaCovid Toronto Jewish Community COVID-19 Task Force issued an urgent statement calling on community members to exercise strict physical distancing to protect lives during Passover.

Kol HaCovid, which consists of dozens of Toronto’s top Jewish medical professionals, warned…

Ontario’s Finance Minister Applauds UJA’s Volunteer Mobilization Effort

UJA’s advocacy agent, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), has been engaging governments to highlight the important work being undertaken by Jewish Federations and the agencies they support in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. In recently announcing financial measures to supp…

An Update for Jewish Institutions in the Greater Toronto Area

I hope you are healthy and well at this very difficult time. We at UJA Federation, with our partners, are doing everything we can to strengthen the resilience of our community in the face of this crisis.

The Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario have launched an extensive range…