Passover Community Resources

This year, during these uncertain times, our Passover Seders will look very different from what we are accustomed. While there will be fewer people around the table or a quieter rendition of Dayenu being sung, this year’s Passover will resonate differently for us all, as we connect to loved ones and our community in new ways.

UJA would like to help by providing some ideas to make your Seder extra special this year. From a review of the Seder by Toronto rabbis, to trying new recipes, to a homemade haggadah, we’re sure the following resources can add value to your family’s holiday.

Reviewing the Seder

Rabbis from across our community have come together to create a Seder video so that you can rediscover what the Passover ritual is all about. Just click “play” and enjoy!

Food, Food, and More Food

Perhaps the most well-known symbol of Passover is the Seder plate which represents special foods we are required to eat that relate to the Passover story. Check out this website for a list of the important foods and why we eat them.

If you don’t have an actual Seder plate, don’t worry! Any plate that can hold the symbolic foods will do. And don’t forget, you need to make something for dinner too:


Buy or create your own haggadot. This website is an incredible resource for creating a custom haggadah. You can use a template or start from scratch. Whichever you choose, spend time with it and create a meaningful haggadah that you will cherish and remember.

And this video of children singing Ma Nishtanah will be inspiring as your family prepares for the “Four Questions”:

Staying Connected

This night will be even more different from all other nights. Our Seders will be smaller and we will miss our routines, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a full, meaningful Seder. While we all might be feeling a little lonely, know that by participating in a Seder, you are joining millions of Jews around the world and linking to generations past and future. We have never been more connected.

UJA wishes you and your families a Chag Samech. May this year be a meaningful and inspiring Pesach.