United Jewish Appeal Telethons

Last year, UJA telethons raised more than $4 million from over 6,000 donors.


This would not have been possible without the help of our incredible volunteers. 

Telethons are the single largest fundraising event for UJA. They are a vital component in ensuring that UJA achieves its goals today and for years to come. Those goals are to build a relationship between UJA and the community and to raise money.

Help us make this year’s telethons just as super as last year’s.


Sign up to one of the following Telethon Shift:



Please email Julie Gonik for more information.


Are you a high school student looking to fill some of your community service hours? Our telethons are a great way to do so, while making a difference to Jews who need it most across the street and across the globe. There are weekend shifts and evening shifts available, so you can plan in advance. After your shift, your community service forms will be signed and you can come back for as many shifts as you'd like from September - April (dates to be posted monthly). Just be sure to register in advance so that we can accommodate you and order enough food!

Frequently Asked...

  • Why should I register for a telethon shift?
    United Jewish Appeal's annual telethons are an important part of the fabric of Jewish Toronto. Hundreds of volunteers of every age come out to dial in support of vulnerable Jews, here at home, in Israel, and around the world.
    Telethons are a vital part of our annual campaign. Last year, more than 800 people attended a telethon shift, raising a total of $5.2 million from 6,000 donors. That represents over 35% of the total number of donors.
    UJA is our community's central organization, supporting a myriad of services, including assisting the Jewish individuals currently living at, or below the poverty line; caring for our aging community members; integrating newcomers to our community, providing education and camp subsidies to youngsters who need it most and supporting the people of Israel. If you cannot volunteer at a telethon shift, please give generously when you receive a call.
  • Where do I sign up?
    UJA Telethons run from September to March and we will update our registration link monthly. Sign up here for this month's telethon shifts.
  • How do I get to Telethons?
    Directions and a map are located on our Getting Here page.
  • Will I be trained before I call?
    Yes. There will be a very thorough training for all volunteers before every telethon shift. You will also have a placemat in front of your phone that will help with deal with most donor concerns and answer any questions they may have. A number UJA Professionals will be on hand at every shift to ensure that you are at ease and comfortable with the calls you’re making.
  • I own a business and would like to sponsor telethons. What's involved in that?
    Telethon Sponsorships are a wonderful way to heighten your company's profile within the community. Should you wish to become a corporate sponsor, you'll receive recognition including your company's logo on:
    • the home page of this telethon website
    • all telethon evites (approximately 3,000 recipients per monthly telethon)
    • signage displayed at each telethon shift
    • all telethon placemats
    In addition, we will display company menus, flyers and coupons at your request.

    This year, more than ever, it is essential that we achieve our fundraising goals, in order to ensure that all of the money raised by the 2016 Campaign Telethons can go directly to those in need. We hope that we can count on your support. Should you have any questions, or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Shimmy Wenner at 416.631.5699 | swenner@ujafed.org.
  • Will there be food available?
    Absolutely. At every telethon shift we will serve you a delicious meal. (Kashruth observed)
  • Am I supposed to raise a certain amount? What happens if I can't?
    There is absolutely no pressure. When it comes to making these types of calls, we understand that everyone's experience can be different. We have had loyal callers who have returned for multiple shifts, year after year, and they have told us there have been days where they have brought in thousands, and days they have only been able to raise eighteen dollars. We just ask that you do your very best to connect with the donor on the phone.
  • Can I bring my family/friends with me?
    Of course! Why not reserve a special section for your group so that you can all sit near each other while making calls? We'll even create a sign that has your group's name on it if you'd like. Please be sure to register everyone in advance though, so that we can accommodate you and order enough food!
  • I have a question that you didn't address here...
    Simply contact Shimmy Wenner at 416.631.5699 | swenner@ujafed.org with your question and you'll receive a prompt response.

Getting Here

The Lipa Green Centre for Jewish Community Services is located at:

4600 Bathurst St
Toronto, Ontario
M2R 3V2

Ample parking is available.

Questions about telethons? Contact Shimmy Wenner at 416.631.5699 | swenner@ujafed.org

Where the Money Goes

Now, more than ever, we must remain committed to those most in need by standing together with them, linked by a deep sense of collective responsibility.

United Jewish Appeal is mobilizing the community's collective efforts to invest in the following:

  • Meeting the Urgent Needs of Our Most Vulnerable
  • Transforming Lives in Israel
  • Battling Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism on Campus
  • Building a Vibrant Jewish Future

This year, in order to ensure that direct services and programs continue to receive the most dollars possible, UJA Federation has tightened its own belt through a myriad of budgetary, administrative and staffing cost-saving efforts. In addition, thanks to the leveraging of dollars, innovative programs and outstanding partners, UJA is efficient and effective philanthropy... smart philanthropy with heart.