examples of


in our city

The hateful Your Ward News, delivered to hundreds of thousands of Toronto homes as a free “newspaper, “ promotes antisemitic conspiracy theories and accuses “Marxist Jews” of mass murder

The annual Al Quds Day rally in downtown Toronto, where a presenter once called for the shooting of Israelis, features a public prayer for “the eradication of… the Israelis and Zionists.”

Neo-Nazi posters plastered in mid-town Toronto, including on the gates of a school, promote Nazi social media pages and declare “the Nazi youth are here.”




On average, anantisemitic

hate crime took place in Toronto

every week in 2017 - a 23% spike

over 2016

Jews make up less than 4%

of the GTA population

but are victim to almost 30% of all

hate crimes

Across the GTA and Canada, the Jewish

community is the most frequently

targeted minority

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