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It’s a big world. More than 6 billion people and seemingly endless challenges. But wouldn’t it feel great to know you’re making a difference — in your neighborhood, among your community, and on the issues you care about most?

At UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, we can help you fulfill that desire, the human need to know your efforts matter and that you’re contributing to make our world a better one. Through UJA Federation, you can help make life better for Torontonians of all backgrounds, help create an even more vibrant Israel, connect to a global Jewish community, and help ensure that the values that sustained our people for more than 3,500 years are passed on to the next generation. At UJA Federation, your contribution — whether it’s your time, your passion, or your financial gift — counts.


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Come together, learn about the work of UJA Federation, join with people who share your passions, network with like-minded professionals and discover how you can help make a difference. Our calendar of events highlight just some of the amazing opportunities to network, connect and engage.


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Give your time, skills and talents to one of many opportunities we offer through our beneficiary agencies. Sign up here.


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Travel, learn and experience life in Israel and around the world.
Learn more about our UJA Federation Missions to Israel.

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto prides itself on being accessible to all. Check out our AODA policy here.