Diller Teen Fellows is an immersive leadership program inviting a select group of Jewish 10th and 11th graders from the Greater Toronto Area to step up, lead their community, and repair the world. The depth of the program, global engagement, and a focus on experiential learning, create an enduring impact on participants and their families, building leaders with the power to change the world.

Diller Teen Fellows Toronto

Here are four reasons you should consider applying:




Participants are challenged to define their strengths, weaknesses, and personal leadership goals. The result? A meaningful experience they can apply to real world challenges.

Jewish Identity


Participants are encouraged to wrestle with their notions of Jewish identity and those of their peers. The result is a deeper understanding of what it means to be Jewish, both individually and collectively.



A peak experience of the program is the three-week Israel Summer Seminar that brings all participants together. The result is a unique and engaging experience with the diversity, vibrancy, and complex reality of modern Israel.

Tikkun Olam


​Participants are given the opporunities to create and lead tikkun olam projects close to their hearts. The result is the understanding that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and that it's our duty to create the change we want to see.


AND...two amazing seminars:

Jewish Communities Mifgash


This is a 10-day visit from the Eilat-Eilot Fellows to Toronto – You will get a chance to meet and socialize with your peers from Israel. During these 10 days, an Eilat Fellow will be hosted in your home in Toronto and you will both be involved in a Shabbaton (a weekend retreat) and other evening activities. When you will be in Israel, your Eilat Fellow will be your host. Click here to view the video!

Israel Summer Experience


Three weeks of traveling, volunteering and exploring Israel with the Eilat-Eilot Fellows, and the other 15 Diller partnerships. This seminar includes: one week of touring & exploring Israel, one week of International Congress (assembly of all Global Diller Fellows), and one week in Eilat-Eilot where YOU create the itinerary! Click here to view the video!

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Contact Info: Hadas Hait-Barnea | Diller Teen Fellows Coordinator

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

phone: 416.635.2883 x5255

email: hhait@ujafed.org