Travel Opportunities
Journey to Paris and the WWII Battlefields of Normandy
May 30 – June 11
Journey to Paris and Normandy to observe the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, and to commemorate the war-time contribution of the Canadian Jewish community.
KH-UIA International Young Leadership European Conference
May 31 – June 2
Discuss, learn, and celebrate while also getting a chance to meet Fauda star Tzachi Halevy in Berlin.
Experience Jewish Life in Vienna
June 17 – 24
Spend a week in Europe immersed in the rich Jewish history and culture of Vienna while exploring the modern city.
November 3 – 7
Take part in a nuanced journey of depth and disruption, and get an insider’s view of the most pressing issues in Israeli society today.
Israel National Trail Mission
November 3 – 8
Hike along the Israel National Trail in support of the Youth Futures program. This mission will give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape and diverse people of Israel’s north. This year’s hike will take us from 3 of November by the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) to 8 of November, to Haifa in the western Galilee.
Women's Mission
Coming Soon
Unique missions you won't want to miss. From art, to culture, to culinary adventures, these missions are set up to see and experience Jewish history of incredible cities.
UJA's Centennial Journey to Israel
Past Missions
Three hundred and fifty of us travelled to our homeland so that we may celebrate the past, present and the future.