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Teen Spotlight: Abby Davis

Interested in Israel gap year programs, but not sure where to start?

This month, we’re featuring Abby Davis, whose gap year in Israel shaped her personal growth and strengthened her connection with her Jewish identity.

As a teen, Abby combined her passion for sports with her Jewish ide…

Ask Daniela!

Need some advice? Ask Daniela!

In this new UJA Teens Newsletter feature social worker, Daniela Aptowitzer will tackle your questions about friends, family, school, and more! To have your question answered in an upcoming newsletter, submit them to All questions will…

Teen Spotlight: Kate Blumberg

Interested in getting more involved in your synagogue, but not sure where to start?

This month, we’re featuring Kate Blumberg, a teen whose combined passion for music and Jewish identity has helped her become a leader in her synagogue community.

Music had always been a major part of Ka…

UJA Affiliated Jewish Day Schools

UJA Affiliated Jewish Day Schools





Netivot Hatorah Day School

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Teen Spotlight: Gaby Fisher

Like so many Jewish kids, Gaby’s Jewish summer camp experience has helped form her Jewish identity and shape who she is as a person. While the COVID-19 pandemic may have forced Camp Ramah in Canada, Gaby’s home away from home for the past five years, to close its gates for the 2020 sea…