Those in our community who were on the brink of falling below the poverty line this time last year are now, in fact, below it due to the effects of the pandemic. Those who are new to food insecurity need access to food now.


In order to help solve the ongoing issue of food insecurity in our own backyard, UJA Genesis is introducing Food Together, a food sharing program using the app, OLIO.


OLIO is a mobile app aimed at creating a community of food sharing; connecting those with a surplus of food to those who need a little extra.

Have a little extra? Share it.

Need a little extra? Receive it.

Fill out this quick form with your basic information and learn about the next steps, including how to share or receive food.

For more information, please contact Michael at mliebovitz@ujafed.org

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  • When you sign up for OLIO, OLIO will require you to accept its terms of use. Using OLIO is completely up to you. You choose to download, use, or delete it.
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