“Let all who are hungry
come and eat”

The Passover seder is an experience like no other. From matzah to the seder plate to the four cups of wine, we recall our journey from slavery to freedom over a beautiful meal with family. This year, plenty of chairs will be empty because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, there’s a growing risk that plenty of plates will be empty too. Many Jews here and around the world will risk going hungry this Passover for the first time.

Help us reach our extended goal of $350,000


Total raised as of March 25, 2021


Feeding Jews in need locally

UJA has scaled up our meal delivery programs significantly over the past year for the thousands of Jewish households struggling with food insecurity. For isolated seniors or families affected by job loss, these programs were a lifesaver. But as the pandemic goes on, the danger of food insecurity continues to be a reality in many homes.

Feeding Jews in need globally

UJA has been running the Global Seder program for decades, in order to help Jewish people around the world gain access to Kosher for Passover food they would otherwise not receive. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified this challenge, especially for the vulnerable Jews of Cuba and the Former Soviet Union, including many seniors and Holocaust survivors.

Through Global Seder, your compassion and generosity help ensure Jews in need here at home and around the world have enough to eat this Passover

Dollars raised through Global Seder support UJA-funded programs that help alleviate hunger and poverty in the Greater Toronto Area and around the world, including in Cuba and the Former Soviet Union

Questions about your donation? Contact UJA Donor Services, 416-631-5705, donorservices@ujafed.org