17 2020

BethDavidSingles: BoomersEdition (50-69): "We're Going Places 2"

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

this is an online ZOOM call
this is an online ZOOM call

Contact Beth David Singles: Boomers Edition (50-69)
4166335500 ext 52

... by popular request, our next Zoom call #9, continues from last week: Boarding Call - We're Going Places!
Now that Israel is opening again for travel, let's go somewhere... on a virtual tour together.
Where have you been (show us some souvenirs, maybe your virtual tan line ;-)
Where would you like to go (after Covid19)?

Join us this Sunday evening (May 17, 2020 at 7pm)
On Coping/Managing/Thriving in the GTA as a Jewish Single (50-69)
Connect online, or call in via a local phone number. Nice!

Let's have fun on this call. And yes, do continue to have private side chats on the call, with people that you'd like to connect with (after the call). Success! Over 24 people told us they made connections - right on the call and since!

- - - -
Recapping ZOOM call #8: Our members have truly been places - and shared so many awesome experiences. As we only experienced Israel and North America, we decided to continue the journey next Sunday. Experiences included stories, photos and souvenirs including: Behind the scenes photos from Rawabi (the $B fully built West Bank 'city of the future', funded by Qatar!) and inside the Palestenian Authority HQ in Nablus; Lots aboout parks (Ein Gedi, Bryce Canyon UT, Joshua Tree CA and more), a gas mask from volunteering at Ground Zero (a week after 9/11), painting at the Halifax waterfront; and much more.

Previous calls: If you were on our first seven successful calls, you know we covered so many relevant topics and experiences in just an hour: including relevant trends and stories, shopping strategies, jokes, sports, song and video clips, Netflix picks, our fav Pesach recipes and traditions. And most recently: Introducing ourselves: Getting to Know You, and our travel experiences.

- - - - -
And always welcome, do suggest any other topics of interest to GTA-based Jewish singles (50-69), like you.
Successful past events: Games Nite, ROM visit, Cook with a Chef

Feel free to forward this invite directly to everyone you believe would like to participate in our engaging Beth David Singles: Boomer Edition (50-69) programs. And if you received this note from someone, please let us know, so we can thank them ;-)

As always, our focus is on providing great opportunities for good peeps to meet others. And on our last call, dozens of good people met good people!

Continued hatzlacha/success in all you/we are doing during this Covid-19 mishegas and looking forward to getting back to in-person activities with you.



Your Awesome Planning committee ;-) ... join us!
Beth David Singles: Boomer Edition (50-69)
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PS Did you see/use any of our delicious Passover Recipes? (submitted by your Beth David Singles colleagues)
We're keeping it updated for you all year, as a handy Google Doc.

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