29 2018

Eye on Israel: Movie Night with our Shinshinim

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Holy Blossom Temple 1950 Bathurst Street

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Eye on Israel: Movie Night with our Shinshinim

Join film professor Dr. Gillian Helfield, and our ShinShinim Ido Mordechay and Noa Gordon

The Women’s Balcony

At the Bar Mitzvah celebration of a loved family in the congregation the women’s balcony collapses in a tragic accident, injuring the rabbi and his wife. How to rebuild, and who to lead the congregation is the next dilemma. The congregation brings a new young rabbi in to assist them, and finds that the assistance is not all that they hoped for. Many controversies and issues ensue. Join us for this fascinating conversation looking into the lives of this congregation and all the ins and outs when they look to their repair of the balcony and the restoration of the community

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