23 2019

Social Circle Pop-Up

10:00AM - 11:30AM  

Price: TBA Lipa Green Centre, 4600 Bathurst St.
Tamari Family Hall
Toronto, ON M2R 3V2

Contact Alyssa Catzman
Price: TBA

Note: a portion of proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

About them: Two moms, Alyssa and Emily, know exactly what it's like to want the best for your kids today and tomorrow. With 15 years working with parents and children, they are excited to share their knowledge with other families who, like them, experience the ups and downs of raising a family. Together they have specialized training and expertise in parenting and child development. They are here to lend you and ear and a hand to help you actualize your goals and vision for your family.

Sponsor: Social Circle

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