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63 Listings from the Discover Jewish Toronto Archive

1Canadian Friends of Bikur Cholim Hospital of Jerusalem

329 Joicey Blvd.

Toronto, ON M5M 2V8

David Kleiner (Secretary Treasurer)
416 747-7778

2Canadian Friends Of Dental Volunteers For Israel

69 Yonge Street

PO Box 17001

Toronto, ON M5E 1K0

Dr. Richard Nurgitz (Chairman)
(416) 293-8063

3Canadian Friends Of Echo

335 Brooke Avenue

Toronto, ON M5N 2L4

Shelly Botnick
(416) 256-0081

4Canadian Friends of Israel Elwyn

74 Tycos Road

Toronto, ON M6B 1V9

(416) 649-1655

5Canadian Friends of Laniado Hospital, Ontario Region

534 Lawrence Avenue West

Suite 217

Toronto, ON M6A 1A2

Tony Lipsey (Executive Director)
(416) 785-8946

6Canadian Friends Of Meir Medical Hospital

12 Cotswold Crescent

Toronto, ON M2P 2M9

Dalia Raif (National Executive Director)
(416) 226-2821

7Canadian Friends Of Nishmat

213 Campbell Avenue

Thornhill, ON L4J 5B1

Jennifer Diamond (Executive Director)
(416) 628-4634

8Canadian Friends of Peace Now

119-660 Eglinton Avenue East #517

Toronto, ON M4G 2K2

Rachel Katz

This directory of Jewish organizations reflects only non commercial enterprises.
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